Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-53): Whatever Parvez had spoken, turned out to be true. Chand had indeed bought sim cards from him. But he was not confessing it even after being thrashed and made to stand without food or water. It was the CCTV footage from the location near the Amber Tower mosque that had nailed Chand's lie that he had never visited Ahmedabad. None of Chand's accomplices were aware of the fact that Chand had already spilled all the beans as he was not left with any other option but to speak up after watching the CCTV footage. Chand was kept in a different barrack from his accomplices. In his confession, Chand informed that bicycles were used in the blasts, and it was Danish who was tasked with purchasing these bicycles. Chand claimed to slightly remember that Danish spoke of buying these cycles from a shop in Dariapur area of the city. Going by Chand's info, the cops would have to literally grill every cycle selling shop in the area, but the DCP had from his visits to the blasts sites, confirmed that the cycles used in the act were old ones. So they had decided to look out for shops that repaired pre-owned cycles and probably sold them too, and that is how Jadeja brought in Yusuf from Dariapur. The bicycle seller may or may not have any connections to the blasts, he was a crucial cog in the wheel of this investigation and thus it was important for them to interrogate Yusuf.

When Yusuf was asked if someone had bought more than one bicycles at a time, he tried hard to remember and suddenly his face lit up. He said that about two months ago, a person had come to his shop asking for old and used bicycles for sale. "I didn't have any in my shop so I asked him to provide his phone number so that he can inform him when the bicycles are available," Yusuf said that the person didn't provide him with his contact number but instead gave him an advance of Rs1000 for the bicycles and asked him to arrange for the cycles as they're supposed to be distributed amongst poor children. "The person returned after a month and a half and by then I had arranged for 12 bicycles, but he asked for more as he claimed that there are 20 poor children whom he wishes to give away these cycles. I arranged for more used bicycles from other similar shops nearby" Hearing this, the DCP was extremely glad, because their first attempt at finding out the source of the bicycles was successful. Now he must plan a similar strategy to make Danish confess to this like Chand had. DCP Sinha was aware that now he will have to take every step smartly unlike the usual manner in which the Indian police makes criminals confess to their crimes-by thrashing them black and blue. The crime branch did try the physical torture method and had beaten up the suspects, but they were quite hard-skinned to the confess."Can you recognize that person?" asked Sinha to Yusuf. "Sir, who can forget one of their biggest customers," said Yusuf. Sinha laughed and then inquired if Yusuf would like to have food, to which he replied positively. Sinha tapped on his bell and a constable came in. "Take Yusuf to Jadeja's office, get him some tea and some food too. If someone from his family wishes to meet him, allow them to." instructed Sinha to the constable and then looking at Yusuf he continued, "Thank you for helping us out son, you'll have to stay some more time with us, but don't worry"

Sinha called in Jadeja to his cabin after Yusuf left and spoke to him at length about his conversation with Yusuf, Jadeja was happy hearing about it. Next, Sinha instructed Danish to be brought in. Danish had come out of the lock-up after two full days. He was still limping due to the beatings he was subjected to that night. As he entered the DCP's cabin, he greeted them with folded hands. "Have you had your food?" inquired DCP.Danish was taken by surprise upon being asked this question. He couldn't believe it is the same guy, who had thrashed them black and blue, is now inquiring if he had food. Danish said, "There were potato subzi and some pooris"

"How was it?" asked Sinha, probably in jest. Jadeja was, as usual, confused seeing the manner his boss was talking to the suspect. Coming to the topic that Sinha wanted to discuss, he asked Danish "When was the last time you came to Ahmedabad?"

"Sir when you brought us here, never before that," said Danish immediately after hearing the question. Sinha acted as if he was agreeing to what Danish had to say, "So you have never been to Ahmedabad. But do you have any friends or family living here?"

Danish, who was well trained by Mohammed on how to tackle such interrogations, quickly replied in negative to Sinha's question. Sinha got up, began to walk around his cabin and said, "But there is someone here who knows you" "No, sir. There is no one who knows me here" Sinha looked at Danish intently, "I am speaking the truth, sir, nobody knows me here," reiterated Danish. Sinha then signaled something to Jadeja, who immediately left the cabin. The eerie silence in the room with only Sinha and Danish present in it was somewhat frightening for Danish. Jadeja came in, Yusuf in tow. But he stood right behind Danish, so he didn't see who had come in.

"Yusuf, come here son..." said Sinha and turned Yusuf towards Danish, whose face became pale with shock on seeing Yusuf with the cops. "Sir, this is the man who came to my shop to buy cycles," said Yusuf after staring at Danish for a couple of seconds. The DCP and Jadeja looked at Danish, who looked down. "Are you sure son, he is the person who bought cycles from your shop?" asked Sinha to confirm what was just revealed by Yusuf. "Sir, as I had said before who can forget their customers who had bought 20 cycles from them. Secondly, this man had given me a baksheesh of Rs500 before leaving with his purchase" said Yusuf. The DCP gave out an evil grin and said, "So he had told you that these cycles were meant to be distributed amongst the poor, but do you know what was done with the cycles?" spoke Sinha while moving towards Danish. He then landed a tight slap on Danish's face and said, "This bastard placed bombs on these cycles which caused a bloodbath!"