Kheda: A few Surat youngsters who were out on a picnic at Galteshwar Mahadev temple in  Kheda caught an alleged thief who had stolen their mobile phones and wallets while they were taking a dip in the Tapi River. They thrashed the man and later tonsured his head before handing over him to the local police.

Galteshwar Mahadev Temple on the banks of Tapi River is a popular tourist spot in Gujarat which sees thousands of footfalls every day. With the summer vacations on, the crowd has increased and with it, instances of thefts too. This incident happened on Wednesday evening when about 8 youths from Surat had left their mobile phones and a wallet containing 10,000 rupees on the riverbank. The accused saw the opportunity and flicked those phones and wallet while the boys were bathing in the river.

Upon realization of the theft, the youth asked the temple authorities to help them by showing the CCTV footage. In the footage, they saw the thief flicking their phones and escaping into the crowds. The youth spread out and began looking for the thief. They kept making calls to the stolen phones and surprisingly they heard it ring from a guy nearby one of the youths. They immediately nabbed him and gave him a sound thrashing and recovered the stolen goods. The thieves had spent Rs 2000 from the money found in the wallet and they threw away the Aadhar and PAN cards in a dustbin, which was also recovered, albeit in broken and damaged condition.

Seething with anger, the youngsters wanted to teach the thief a lesson so they took him to a roadside barber nearby and tonsured the thief’s head. Later they handed him over to the local police, but no complaint was registered and the youngsters said that they have taught him a lesson.