Ahmedabad: In a case similar to the Gandhinagar-Amreli Bitcoin extortion case being investigated by the CID Crime, another Surat-based businessman was kidnapped in a similar fashion by people posing as Crime Branch officials and threatened him with legal action unless he transfers his Bitcoins to them. A Surat Police constable has been arrested by Umra Police in Surat for being a part of the troika.

About 25 days ago, Jignesh Jaysukhlal Patel, a resident of Adajan in Surat and a wholesale tea-coffee trader at Westfield Mall at Ghoddod Road was forcefully detained by three unknown men who had introduced themselves as Surat crime branch officers. Patel was about to park his car when the three men walked up to him and ordered him to come with them in the white Innova. Some of the witnesses who saw this incident informed the police of Patel being kidnapped.

The men took Patel to Kim and demanded his Bitcoins to be transferred to them. They threatened the businessman with legal action against him for trading in Bitcoins if he didn't comply to their demands. Meanwhile, the police had reached the kidnapping spot after receiving information Patel being led away forcefully. They checked the CCTV footage and found out that one off the three men was suspended Surat Police constable Anees Saiyed alias Manajaro. The police flung into action to catch hold of Anees.

Fearing that the police could reach Kim anytime soon, they dropped off Patel near Athwa gate in Surat. Upon investigation, the Umra police found out that Jignesh Patel used to deal in Bitcoins sometime back and one of his friends cum accomplice Kalpesh Rathod was aware of it. He probably informed Anees about this and planted the idea of kidnapping Jignesh to extort Bitcoins from him. But Jignesh had stopped his Bitcoin trading long back and had just once Bitcoin with him, which Kalpesh wasn't aware of. The police have filed a case against five people, from which Anees was arrested on Saturday night. This case is quite similar to Gandhinagar-Amreli businessman Bitcoin extortion case, wherein business-partners went behind their backs and informed the police of their Bitcoin tradings.

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