Ahmedabad: The complaint in Bitcoin extortion case of Surat-based builder Shailesh Bhatt has now reached the CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) director and Union Home Minister. The victim, Bhatt has narrated the whole chain of events that happened in February, in which he has named former MLA Nalin Kotadiya, Amreli DCP Jagdish Patel, Police Inspector Anant Patel, CBI officer Sunil Nair and Kirit Paladiya along with eight unknown people who were a part of the whole extortion, kidnapping and threatening plan against him. He informed that he now wishes to file complaint against all the people he has mentioned about.

CBI officer Sunil Nair had allegedly told Bhatt to avoid going against Amreli Police when Bhatt had contacted Nair seeking help in taking action against Amreli Police for allegedly kidnapping him and forcefully transferring his Bitcoins to their wallet. It was Nair who had first threatened Bhatt with cases and raids against him and his business partners for illegal Bitcoin trading and other shady deals and demanded Rs5 crores to let go. Now Bhatt has in his complaint given out all the details of the financial dealings that took place in regards to these two incidents of extortion, including the payment of Rs78 lakhs as a token amount to Amreli Police inspector Anant Patel through a person named Dilip.

Nair had allegedly told Bhatt to avoid plans to act against Amreli Police as they might drag him into some legal case to harass him. Bhatt had with his partner Paladiya got in touch with Nair after he was let go from the farmhouse where he was kidnapped and thrashed until he agreed to transfer his Bitcoins worth Rs12 crores. In a letter, Bhatt has mentioned the whole financial trail of the payments he had made as a part of the extortion. The CID had got in touch with the angadiya firm that was involved in assisting these payments to corroborate the facts that were presented to them by Bhatt. CBI officer Sunil Nair and builder Shailesh Bhatt are expected to be summoned by the CID to give their statements in the case.