Ahmedabad: Among newer things coming to light in the Surat builder Shailesh Bhatt extortion case, the Amreli Police had sent away the servants of Keshav Farm to their villages three days before the alleged detention of the builder at the farmhouse near Chiloda. The police did so to ensure that no one gets wind of their plan to extort money from Bhatt in the pretext of Bitcoin trading investigation.

This seems like the Amreli police had planned the whole scenario well in advance in where to pick up Shailesh Bhatt, where to take him and how, unlike their version of them acting on a complaint received against Bhatt and them travelling to Gandhinagar by tracking the businessman's mobile phone location. The farmhouse where the businessman was kept detained is in the joint ownership of Haresh and Hasmukh Gurjar. They also run a hotel named Rajdhani on the Koba-Indira Bridge highway, where the policemen frequent and thus they are in good relations with them.

Amreli Police inspector Anant Patel had in advance informed the owners of the farmhouse to let go of their servants early. The farm is being tilled by a certain Kamlesh Patel of Maghodi village, but because the policemen were to arrive at the farmhouse and being Shailesh along, the farm labourers and Kamlesh were informed to leave the place early. MeraNews correspondent got in touch with Kamlesh Patel, who confirmed that Amreli Police did come to the farm, but he got this information from outside sources and not directly informed of it.

Kamlesh Patel claims that he had gone to his native to attend a wedding in his family, while the farm labourers had to go to their village as someone from their near and dear had passed away. Thus Patel confirmed to MeraNews that he wasn't present during the time Amreli Police had visited the farm. When inquired on how the police gained entry into the farm when he was not present, he claimed ignorance on who might have given the keys to the police to enter the premises.

It comes out very clear that Amreli Police inspector Anant Patel had no plans to file a case against illegal Bitcoin trading, but wanted to extort money from Shailesh Bhatt by threatening him of legal action against his illegal Bitcoin dealings. Even though it may not be possible to prove legally if Anant Patel got Rs12 crore worth of Bitcoins transferred from Bhatt, but it is very clear that they illegally picked up the businessman and detained him without any legal procedures being followed.

There have been several instances in the past where the police have used empty farmhouses on the highway stretch to illegally detain and threaten people for their personal gains. The farmhouse owners in order to maintain good relations with the police let them use their properties with no questions asked. Even in the Sohrabuddin fake encounter case, the policemen had used Arham farmhouse to put up the slain-gangster and the owner of the property Jirawala has now been made accused in the case too. In the Ishrat Jahan case too, Khodiyar Farm was used whose owner later became a witness in the case.