Anandha Lekshmi, Ahmedabad: On Friday, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, had an unusual ambience and an aura that caught every eye on the campus. Or probably, every ear. Ustad Fazal Qureshi, the tabla maestro, delivered a speech and also performed accompained by guitarist Mark Haydon as a part of the series Perspectives:An Introduction to Arts and Social Sciences, organized by The Faculty Of Design (Foundation studio) of the University.

With the evening setting in, Qureshi first gave an introduction to the basics of tabla before delivering his speech titled Parampara: Finding my way. In the 45 minute long talk, he took the audience back in time with pictures of his childhood and college days and videos of him performing with world renowned artists like Ravi Shanker, Hari Prasad Chaurasia, Shankar Mahadevan and many more in different parts of the world. He kept the audience engaged with his humourous and entertaining encounters regarding his early life and stage performances. Qureshi spoke highly about his brother and world renown tabla maestro Ustad Zakir Hussain and father Ustad Allah Rakha Khan being his inspiration, the comparisons that used to be made by people between him and Zakir and his friendship with the current IIMA director Errol D'Souza from his college days.

Telling the students the importance to explore the world and not to stay cocooned into their own comfort zone, Qureshi gave his own experience of how joining the Sweden-based Indo-Swedish fusion jazz band Mynta made his assimiliate his classical music with jazz and form a beautiful fusion out of it. The speech was succeeded by a fusion performance which included him on the tabla, Mark Haydon on the guitar and Aazan Qureshi on the keyboard. Mark Haydon was the lead guitarist of Hammersmith, one of the oldest and popular bands from Ahmedabad while Aazan Qureshi is the son of Fazal Qureshi.

“In the first talk of this series, we had Mallika Sarabai and this time it’s Fazal Sahab. These people are invited in the campus to inspire the students. The struggles faced by these people encourages the students to strive hard to achieve success in their lives.”,said Samir Shah, director of the Design foundation program. The program will also have several other artists of different arenas like Rita Kothari, Bobby Desai, Jainika Shah and many more.

“The fusion of the three instruments made the evening mesmerizing. It was pretty unexpected. I’m glad that I attended this event.”, said Ankita, a student of St. Xavier’s College, who attended the event.