MeraNews Network, Gandhinagar: In order to bring a positive work ethic and discipline, the district development officer of Chhota Udepur district in Gujarat has set a dress code for the employees working in the government offices in the district. The senior government official has insisted that all the government employees must dress in formal attire while on duty in the offices.

Rachit Raj, a 2014-batch IAS officer, who is the DDO of Chhota Udepur sent out a circular to all the government offices in the district, instructing the employees to come to work in decent dressing. Men must come in formal pant/trousers and shirt while the female employees must be dressed in sarees or Punjabi suits.

Raj said that this circular is a part of his attempts at bringing in an office culture discipline in government offices where the employees would be dressed in decent work formals and not casuals and reporting to offices on time. He added that when he took charge as the DDO, he noticed during the meetings that many of the employees would wear casuals like t-shirts, denim, and other fancy clothes. “One’s dressing should show their work ethics and culture, especially when you’re in the administration department. You’re here to work and not for a modeling session. A disciplined dressing would directly affect the efficiency of the employees in a positive manner,” explained Raj

He further added that several schools and corporate offices have been implementing the dress code at the workplace where the male and female employees wear office formals and that he has simply taken a page out of it.