Prashant Dayal, (Deewal Part- 42): DCP Sinha couldn't sleep that night. Though his mind was at peace and calm, he was unable to fall asleep for some reason. His wife noticed him turning around in the bed multiple times. She held his hand asked what is it. With a faint smile on his face, Sinha said, "Nothing. All the good things are going to happen. I'll tell you tomorrow. You go to sleep" It's been a decade since Sinha had joined the force and none of the cases he had worked had taken over his mind like this one. Now it felt as if good news will arrive from all thee directions. The teams that traveled to Kerala, Hyderabad and Madhya Pradesh had conducted their operations successfully. His batchmate DCP Arjun Singh helped the Ahmedabad Crime Branch team in Bhopal, while the ones in Kerala and Hyderabad successfully conducted their operations on their own. He had informed only JCP Goud of the operation's success, no one else. The crime branch police station officer had late at night instructed his men to reach Ahmedabad International Airport at 8 AM sharp. None of the officials had any idea why they were called to the airport. At 6 in the morning, extra company SRP commandos were sent to the crime branch. The situation spoke of something unusual about to happen and thus the security of the crime branch being beefed up. The SRP commandos set up their bunker right outside the crime branch building. The bunker was a make-shift wall made heavy sandbags and a light machine gun was set up on top of it manned by one of the commandos.

DCP Sinha is never known to set an alarm to wake up if he had some work early in the morning. He'd usually inform the crime branch PSO to wake him up in the morning. But this instance, he did set an alarm for 7 AM. He had just fallen asleep when the alarm rang. Sinha got up and within half an hour dressed up to leave. His wife and daughter were still asleep. He picked up his pistol from the cupboard and put it in his holster. As he was about to leave, he turned back and looked lovingly at his wife and daughter and then moved out. His commando and the driver were ready with the vehicle. "Take me to the airport," said Sinha as he got into his car. His driver was noticing every single movement being made by the DCP and noticed that there was an expression of calm on his face, something he got to see after many days. As the car sped towards the airport, Sinha would place his hand on the pistol lying next to him on the seat every few seconds. After a few minutes, he handed it over to the commando sitting behind. Sinha then sat in a relaxing position on the seat, this meant that he was planning something in his mind. The driver knew every time his boss sat in this manner, meant he was planning something in his head. Normally, the driver's job in the police force is very simple, but they were the ones who knew their bosses and their mannerisms in the best manner. The car reached the cantonment area while on its way to the airport. There is an old Hanuman temple inside the campus and thus it was called as Camp Hanuman in the city. As the car passed by Camp Hanuman, Sinha bowed his head a little towards it, as if thanking the Lord for helping him all along. For a moment, DCP Sinha felt as if the vehicle was moving very fast. He thought maybe the thin traffic in the morning allowed the vehicle to catch speed. But upon looking at the speedometer, it showed only 80 kilometers per second, he thought probably it is his mind that is working at a great pace and it seemed to him that everything around him was moving at a pace. The vehicle moved right towards the terminal from Airport Circle.

Within a couple of minutes, they were at the Domestic Terminal. Sinha saw that the crime branch vehicles and his men were already at the airport. A constable came running and opened Sinha's car door. Jadeja too came up to him and saluted him. "The bulletproof vehicle is here?" asked Sinha as he inspected his men standing at the terminal gate. "Yes sir," said Jadeja as he pointed towards a big bulletproof bus sent by the Police headquarters. The travelers who were coming and leaving the domestic terminal looked puzzled at the heavy police presence at the airport. As Sinha and Jadeja were talking, the deputy commandant of the CISF came running towards them and saluted Sinha. His nameplate read Naeem Kadri. "Naeem, I have spoken to your commandant, so the CISF is in charge of the security at the airport, right?" Kadri answered, "Yes sir, we've been told 20 men from the Crime Branch with a bulletproof vehicle would go till the runway."

"Thank you, Naeem. This is inspector Jadeja, he will be heading the team of crime branch men to the runway. Do make arrangements for the smooth passage of his team to the runway and back"

"Yes sir," said Naeem and left along with Jadeja. Sinha walked to his car and after sometime picked the walkie-talkie and asked "Jadeja, are you on the runway" There was no response. After a few minutes, Sinha repeated the question. A voice from the other side crackled, "Yes sir, we've reached"