Gandhinagar: What many thought as just another case of bio-metrics of a person not matching with that in the Aadhar database, Chetan Malani is a man who is finding it really tough to avail certain services for which Aadhar verification has become compulsory. Malani, a central government employee is working as a surveyor at Survey of India at its Gandhinagar office and finds it hard to even mark his attendance at the biometrics machine in the office. He has to sign the hard register copy every day.

Speaking to MeraNews, 35-year old Malani says he has no thumb or finger impressions on any of his fingers. "It was a struggle to get my Aadhar card made. Just one small part of my finger was captured by the machine as all the other fingers had no impressions. But since then, I have been unable to get my biometrics verified while availing certain services as the vendors could not find any impressions on my fingers to capture on their machines.

The Gondal-native visited a local SIM-card vendor at Gandhinagar sector-11 to buy a SIM-card. Much to the surprise of the vendor, his machine couldn't capture a single impression of Malani's fingers and it showed invalid during all the attempts. "My office got a biometric attendance device in 2013, but I have been marking my attendance in hard register copy everyday in the office after the administration was made aware of my issue and they gave me permission to do so.

Chetan has not been able to get a sim card issued from any of the network providers as Aadhar-verification has become compulsory for telecom services and despite having an Aadhar card, his fingerprint cannot be verified by the Aadhar-linking machines at these stores.