MeraNews Network, Surat: A prominent yoga guru from Surat attempted suicide by consuming poison due to constant threats by creditors to return their money. Satyam Yoga Foundation’s yoga teacher Guru Pradipji, who a well-known yoga practitioner, is believed to owe about Rs 1 crore to multiple creditors.

According to media reports, the Pradip had taken a loan of Rs 1 crore to purchase land from ten of his followers. They had loaned him the money with the condition that he’d return it back around Diwali. When he failed to return, they allegedly began to pester him for the money and under stress, he consumed poison in an attempt to end his life. He wrote a seven-page suicide letter, where he accused Vallabh Chothani, Suresh Sanghani, Parth Patodiya, Mansukh Ajudiya, Raju, Akash Harsh, Jayesh, Jignesh and Arvind of threatening him with dire consequences if he didn’t pay their money back.

Pradip’s wife told journalists outside the yoga foundation that the lenders had given the money as a part donation and part loan. They were told that they can return the money whenever they wish to and no time limit was given to them. But just before Diwali, they started to call up Pravin seeking money back.

The police have begun their investigations in the matter and the yoga practitioner has been taken to hospital for treatment. He is believed to have over one lakh followers whom he teaches yoga through yoga camps.

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