Gandhinagar: Right when the investigation into the Rs12 crores Bitcoin extortion case of a Surat-based builder has gathered steam, Amreli Police inspector Anant Patel, on whom charges of extortion are levelled, has gone on a sick leave. According to sources, Patel was summoned by the CID Crime branch and was asked to present his side of the story, where he confessed of detaining builder Shailesh Bhatt at the Chiloda farmhouse, but denied of getting Bhatt's Bitcoins transferred to his wallet.

Inspector Patel has been shuttling between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in co-operating with the extortion case that is being investigated by the CID Crime Branch. The source adds that Patel was given a telephonic summons to present himself in front of the agency and give his statement. He informed the CID that he had come to Ganddhinagar from Amreli in regards to complaint filed against the Surat-based businessman Bhatt and he had let Bhatt go after taking down his statement in regards to the case he was investigating.

Anant Patel has categorically denied extorting any Bitcoins from Bhatt. There have been statements made to CID supporting Patel's claim and one refuting it too. According to Bhatt’s partner Kirit Paladiya, there were no Bitcoins in his wallet in his mobile device. The CID has sent Paladiya's device to the forensics department to corroborate his claims. Meanwhile, in Bhatt's complaint, it was mentioned that Paladiya uses more than one mobile device, so it is unsure on which device did he actually hand over to the CBI for forensic test.

As it was Kirit who connived with CBI's Sunil Nair and Amreli Police's Anant Patel to extort money from Bhatt, he would never give a statement taking his former business partners side. But the police could have put Paladiya's multiple mobile numbers under surveillance and even find out how long he has been in touch with both Nair and Patel. Paladiya and Patel both are categorically denying of any financial transactions involving cash or electronic payments took place between them.

But according to Prahlad Patel, the manager of P Umesh Angadiya, Shailesh Bhatt and another angadiya firm had called him up with instructions to pay Rs32 crores to a certain Iqbal, but such a huge sum could not be arranged in short notice, thus the transaction couldn't take place. The CID is now verifying the financial position of Bhatt and has spoken to his firm's manager. The CID Crime is getting in touch with all concerned parties to get a clearer picture of the case.

A fact worth noting is Shailesh Bhatt is yet to present himself in front CID Crime even after getting a summons from them. Sources close to him have informed that he is currently out of Gujarat. He is fearing arrest by the Vadodara police in a case filed against him at Karjan right after he had informed the CID about his extortion. So he has decided to take a legal opinion before meeting the CID to provide additional statements regarding the case.

It has come to light that Anant Patel was supposed to be transferred to Junagadh during the Assembly elections but because he was a man of importance for Amreli DSP Jagdish Patel, he got to stay. Had he been transferred, he would never have come under the radar of the CID investigation.

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