Gandhinagar: After the water conservation campaign ‘Jal Sanchay Abhiyan’, the state government is planning a mega campaign for tree plantation. The government plans to plant about 15 crore new trees across the state with the help of public participation on July 20 as the monsoon sets in. It also plans to set a world record of maximum trees planted in one day by planting more than 9 crore trees across the 18 thousand villages spread in the state.

There are about 30 crore trees in the state currently. Currently, the state has only 11 percent green cover, which the government plans to improve to 33 percent. The state government plans to plant about 5 crore trees every year for the next three years in areas where the forest cover needs to be improved. This year, once the monsoon sets in, the government will decide on a date about 10 days after the rains, and from 7 AM to 5 PM it will plant more than 9 crore trees across the 18 thousand villages in the state and aim for a world record.

The forest department currently has 10 crore seedlings ready to be planted and will have 5 crores more seedlings brought in from outside the state for this campaign. Several social, voluntary, educational and religious institutes, corporate and businessmen and common men will take part in this campaign along with the government.

Seedlings of cashew, blueberry, jackfruit, neem and custard apple would be planted across the different districts of the state. Other than that, plantations of Gulmohar, Asopalav, Nilgiri, Ardusa, and Peepal too would be planted as they would add to the natural beauty of the state once fully grown.