MeraNews Network, Sasan: A lion tracker was killed after a lioness attacked him and other team members at Devaliya National Park in Gir on Thursday afternoon. A driver and a forester too were injured in the attack by the big cat and were rushed to Junagadh Civil Hospital for treatment.

Lion tracker Rajnish Keshwala and a few other forest staff members were leading a few lions back to their cages after a lion show when a lioness from the pack attacked one of the staff members. Rajnish and others rushed towards the big cat making loud noises and wielding sticks, but instead of backing off, the lioness got incensed and attacked them too. The lioness caught hold of Rajnish in its mouth and dragged him into the forest. When top forest officials were informed of this incident, they rushed to the spot and found driver Dinesh Khant and forester Malade Bharada grievously injured. While the both injured men were rushed to the hospital, the officials set out to search for Rajnish.

After two hours of intense search in the jungles, they found the body of Rajnish, badly disfigured by the lioness. While Khant has slipped into a coma, Malade is still serious and battling for life.

It is a common practice in Gir where lions are released from their cages into a clearing in the jungles where visitors get to see them from their buses. Once the visiting hours are over in the afternoon, the lions are hauled back into their cages. As it is the daily routine the forest staff and the lions too, the fear amongst them is almost nil. This is considered to be a rarest of the rare incident as lions are not know to attack until and unless they are harassed of teased.

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