MeraNews Network, Gurugram: Self-styled godman Sant Rampal of the Satlok Ashram in Hisar, Haryana has been sentenced to life imprisonment with 26 others for his involvement in two murder and other offenses, including illegal confinement of people in his ashram, by a local sessions court on Tuesday.

The religious leader, who runs a sect that worships 15th-century poet and mystic Kabir, was convicted by a sessions court in a hearing on October 11 for the murder of two women in his ashram at Barwala village. When the cops had gone to arrest him, they were attacked by his followers to prevent the arrest of Rampal.

The case

On October 2014, two men had filed separate police complaints against Rampal and his followers for murdering their wives after keeping them captive in his ashram in Barwala. The cops got to know about Rampal’s presence in his 12-acre ashram and went to arrest him, but faced stiff violent opposition from his followers.

When the police tried to storm the ashram, they were attacked by his followers who were armed to the teeth with guns, batons, and stones. They even used innocent devotees present inside the ashram as human shields against the police gunfire. Hundreds were injured and six, including an infant, were killed during the violence that went on for days until the self-styled godman was arrested in November 2014.

He was housed in the Hisar district jail and a special makeshift court was constructed for this hearing.