Ahmedabad: On Sunday afternoon, Ramol Police seized 1650 bottles of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) from an ambulance in the city. The cops caught one of the men, a rickshaw driver into whose vehicle, these liquor bottles were being loaded while the driver of the ambulance escaped upon spotting the police. Interrogation of the rickshaw driver has revealed that he was supposed to distribute these liquor bottles to different parts of the city.

Acting on a tip-off, the Ramol Police arrived at Mahadev Estate where suspected bootleggers were to deliver illicit liquor and nabbed one of the two men who was unloading the stash from the ambulance to a rickshaw. The person whom the cops have nabbed turned out to be the rickshaw driver while the one who made his escape good was the driver of the ambulance. The ambulance was said to be traveling from Dahod district and had brought the liquor from there.

Ever since the police administration has become strict in imposing the prohibition laws in the state, bootleggers have begun to innovate ways to sustain their shady businesses. The usage of an ambulance to transport liquor was done to escape police checking at highways and crossroads.