Rajkot: Over 300 Fair Price Shop owners of Rajkot have demanded the government allow them euthanasia as they claim death is a better option than dealing with the troubles in the newly introduced Aadhaar-Enabled Payment System software in the distribution of goods.

President of Rajkot Fair Price Shop Association Narendra Dave along with a few of the trader members of the association submitted a memorandum to the district civil supplies officer asking permission for euthanasia as they can’t deal with the troubles of the slow software they’re forced to use and the resultant anger of the customers. One of the traders from the group said that it takes fifteen minutes to generate one bill. This software was supposed to make our work easier and streamlined, on the other hand it has added to our troubles and a lot of valuable time gets wasted which leads to angry outburst from customers on us. To rub salt to our wounds, the authorities from zone-1 and zone-2 keep sending us SMSes threatening us with action from the collector if they don’t use the software.

The Gujarat government had from March 1 made compulsory, the usage of Aadhaar-Enabled Payment System for distribution of goods, which accepts the thumbprint on the Aadhaar. The shop-owners had recently protested by shutting down their shops and the government had promised them solutions to their troubles which they had put forth. But so far no steps have been taken by the government in regards to it.