Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: Within 24 hours of the center’s decision to ban journalists accused of fake news, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday revoked the decision of the information and broadcasting department to suspend or cancel the accreditation of journalists who are found to be generating or propagating fake news. He said that if anyone feels that any certain news article is fake, he/she can approach the Press Council of India (PCI) with a complaint.

On Monday, the Information and Broadcasting Ministry of India had declared the amended guidelines for the accreditation of journalists, which said that if any journalist is found to be generating or propagating fake news, his/her press accreditation will be suspended for six months, if it is a first-time offense. On the second violation, the suspension will be of one year and if the offense is repeated for the third time, the journalist will lose his/her accreditation permanently. This decision didn't go down well with the media and many claimed this to be an autocratic move to strangulate the freedom of speech. This came to Modi's notice on Tuesday and he immediately asked for this decision to be overturned.

The current norm says that any issues pertaining to any news that has been published have to be taken up with the Press Council of India and even Narendra Modi said that only the PCI has the authority to take a decision regarding the authenticity of any news and steps to take regarding the same.