Gandhinagar: Leader of Opposition in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly and Congress MLA from Amreli constituency Paresh Dhanani made remarks targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi today in assembly. In a debate, Dhanani stated that before 2014 general elections Narendra Modi used to target the then central government over several issues but today when he at the centre as Prime Minister, he isn’t bringing any solutions to his own promises he had made here in the state. Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel responded to Dhanani’s remarks stating that Narendra Modi still roars like a lion in Delhi now, and the world sits up and takes notice of it.

During a discussion on general administration and road and building department's needs, Dhanani said “Narendra Modi had put many demands at the centre while he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, but now when he is Prime Minister he isn’t bringing any solutions to the issues in the state.

In 2013, the Gujarat government has raised 109 questions to the UPA government at the centre and in 2015, 63 questions were removed from the list of pending questions to the centre. After 48 months of rule, Prime Minister has not even answered those remaining questions of his own, said Dhanani. He added that Approvals for proposals like Narmada project to be declared a national project, western railways headquarters to be moved to Ahmedabad, Sarv Shikhsa Abhiyan, high-speed railway project, bauxite mining in Kutch, environment monitoring authority to state, etc are pending yet PM Modi is showing us dreams of bullet trains.

Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel answering to Paresh Dhanani stated that Congress leadership would get only 33 marks while Narendra Modi's leadership can get 100 marks. He said it was the centre who approved Rs700 crore for 45 kms national highway from Chiloda to Sarkhej.