Shivani Sahasrabudhe (MeraNews, Ahmedabad): “I strongly believe that parents shouldn’t be strict with their children. They should let them do what they wish,” says film and stage actress Supriya Pathak, who plays the mother of the title character in Gujarati film Best of Luck Laalu.

“I am the opposite of my character in the film. I have never pressured my kids. Instead I encouraged them,” she says. “My only expectation was that they should pass their exams.”

“Our mothers play the biggest roles in our lives. There are different types of mothers, and in my role, I portray these different kinds of women,” says Pathak. “The character of Daksha Modi (which Pathak essays) is very important because she is a real modern woman.”

The film tells the story of a 15-year-old boy, Amatya “Laalu” Modi, preparing for this Class X board examinations. Laalu’s mother wants to see her son do well so that he can have a better future.

“Till now, films on school life, education and exams have not been made,” said director Vipul Mehta, who added that his film is the first of its kind in the Gujarat film industry. “I always wanted to make a film on a school love story.”

“There was no pressure working under Supriya Pathak though she was strict in her role as my mother in the film. She made me feel most comfortable, so I nthever felt the pressure while shooting,” said Smit Ganatra, who portrays Laalu in the film.

Carry on Laalu is the second collaboration between Mehta and Pathak in two years: In 2016, the actress played the title role in Carry on Kesar, the story of an elderly childless couple in a small town in Gujarat who decide to have a baby.

“All the roles that I have done are very close to my heart,” said Pathak. “For me, acting is something that I enjoy a lot. It is an opportunity to create different characters.”

Carry on Laalu released in theatres on Friday.