Ahmedabad: Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti leader Gopal Italiya issued an open challenge to the international working president of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad Pravin Togadia, come clean on the 2002 Godhra train burning incident and the Akshardham temple attack the year before. 

Italiya, in a letter on Monday, dared the veteran VHP leader to not be scared of death at an age at which “one’s hair has already turned white”, and to bite the bullet instead of dying a slow death from different diseases. Questioning Togadia’s allegiance as “a true Hindu and a devotee of Ram”, Italiya demanded that the VHP veteran tell the truth on whether the fire in Sabarmati Express S-6 at Godhra was accidental or an act of arson. He also raised questions on whether the Akshardham attack was an actual terrorist attack or a well-planned conspiracy by the government. Similarly, citing the lack of capture of any of the accused in the Surat bomb recovery case, Italiya asked if the 18 bombs recovered in Surat shortly after the Ahmedabad blasts in 2008 were part of a hoax perpetrated by the administration to instil fear among citizens as a way of regaining lost power.
The Patidar leader asked Togadia how many innocent people he had brainwashed by “injecting the poison of hardcore Hindutva in them from 2001 to 2017”, as well as “how many women he has sexually abused”, and how many fake encounters he had a hand in.  Italiya closed by saying that it was time Togadia stopped profiting from Hindutva and publicly accepted his wrongdoing.