MeraNews Network, Gandhinagar: Consumption of liquor is banned in the state of Gujarat. But for the influential and wealthy class to enjoy their spirits there is in place the rule to get a health permit from the Prohibition Department of Gujarat. But for the past five months, even this exclusive class his having a hard time in getting their stash, as the department has stopped issuing new permits or renewing the old ones. The excuse or reason given by them is that a new law for prohibition is being drafted and once it is implemented, then they can get their permits.

On Wednesday, the state home minister Pradipsinh Jadeja made an announcement in this regards, saying new rules have been formed to prohibit illicit consumption of liquor. Under the new rule, the fee for getting a health check-up done as a mandatory step to avail the liquor permit will now cost Rs 2,000. Previously, it was only Rs 500. But they have junked the Rs 50 fee to avail the form for the same. Previously, anyone who wishes to avail a health permit for liquor consumption could get his/her health check-up done at any of the civil hospitals across the state, but now they will have to undergo the tests at the listed six centers.

The centers are located in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat, Bhavnagar, and Gandhinagar. Every center will have an area board who will decide if the applicant indeed needs to consume liquor and should he be given a permit to buy liquor legally in the state. The board will consist of a regional deputy director, a medical superintendent and the dean of a medical college.