Ahmedabad: The prohibition laws in Gujarat have always been unusual. It seems like the government itself is unclear about its own rules. Looks like any idea that pops in the head of our bureaucrats are being made converted into laws. The latest being the additional norm in order to get liquor permit in the state.

It said that permit holders or applicants above the age of 70 years must provide a certificate proving that they are alive. It further said that only those who hold the permit will be allowed to buy liquor. They will have to get their fingerprint approved at the biometric system installed at the shops and if it doesn’t match, an OTP will be generated and sent on the number of the person whose name the permit is issued.

Consuming alcohol in Gujarat is prohibited, but only for commoners. As those who are influential and rich still enjoy their liquor in the name of the health permit provided to them by the government. But since last four months, the state prohibition department has been drafting new norms for issuance of health permit. But none of the officials have any clarity about these rules, and thus the file has been hopping from one desk to another.

Those who had health permits and have ceased its validity are yet to get their permits renewed and the paperwork for the ones who had applied for fresh or new permits has stopped because it took the government babus four months to frame the new rules for health permits. This didn’t mean that those who hold permits and were waiting for their renewal stopped drinking for the said time period. They instead got their quota illegally from the bootleggers.

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