MeraNews Network, Mumbai: 166 passengers of a Jet Airways aircraft that took off from Mumbai to Jaipur on Thursday had a harrowing and painful experience after the cabin pressure dropped to dangerous levels after the takeoff and led to bleedings from nose and ears and severe headaches. Apparently, the cabin crew of the flight forgot to switch on the cabin pressure regulator and the aircraft had to be turned back midway.

30 passengers suffered from nose bleeding, some bled from their ears while a few complained of severe headache, all of whom were attended to by the doctors at the Mumbai airport. 5 passengers had to be admitted to hospital. Taking cognizance of the matter, the Ministry of Civil Aviation has asked the DGCA to immediately file a report on the same.

The cockpit crew of flight 9W 697 have been taken off their scheduled duties pending investigation. The airline made alternate flight arrangements for the passengers.

Loss of cabin pressure, a serious emergency in aircrafts cruising at high altitudes, causes a drop in the flow of oxygen and in severe cases, hypoxia. A video doing rounds online, shot by a passenger from the flight, shows oxygen masks dropping from the overhead compartments and passengers sitting still and stiff in terror.