Ahmedabad: Joggers and visitors at the Sabarmati Riverfront in Ahmedabad were in for a shock on Monday morning when they spotted bodies of two women and a child floating in the river. The police and the fire brigade were immediately informed, who rushed to the spot and got the body fished out of the river.

At the walkway near the spot from where the bodies, police found a death note written in Gujarati with red lipstick, “We wanted to be together, but the world didn’t let us live. We don’t have any man with us.” The police have found out the woken to be Asha Thakor (30) and Bhavna Thakor (28).

Both women, believed to be lesbians, had got to know each other while working in a private firm in the city for the past five months. Their friendship had soon turned into a relationship. But their families got to know about this and the women decided to end their lives as they were aware that they won’t be allowed to continue with their romantic relationship further. Of the couple, Asha was married and had a three-year-old girl child. She took her child along with her partner Bhavna when they went to commit suicide.

They went straight to the riverfront in the city, had snacks and then first threw the child into the river and then they themselves jumped in to drown to death. The police have registered a complaint of the murder of the child.

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