MeraNews Network, Jamnagar: Officials from the district education department were left shocked upon witnessing scenes from government-run schools in Lalpur during the half-yearly examinations recently. Uninterested teachers were spotted busy on their mobile phones during the examinations, while the students were merrily indulging in copying.

According to the guidelines set by the district education board, teachers are prohibited from using the cellphones while supervising examinations conducted in the schools. Teams led by education department official DB Patel had visited Padana Patiya Primary School and another girls school in the vicinity in Jamnagar on routine checking to ensure that all the guidelines are followed in conducting the exams.

Students were found to be sitting in a circle together, sharing answers to their questions in the paper, while the invigilators were simply sitting their chairs, whiling away their time in their phones. The school principal and the teachers were served notices and mentioned these incidents in a report regarding the same. Patel informed that these schools were also found to be flouting several other norms, like sending 25 percent of the answer sheets for checking to another school.