Gandhinagar: Gujarat Assembly’s leader of opposition and Congress leader Paresh Dhanani today fired a fresh salvo at the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) by accusing it of indulging in rampant corruption in the name of water conservation activities across the state for the past 10 years and having spent more than 10,000 crores for the same. From the Sujalam Sufalam Yojna during the Narendra Modi regime to the current Vijay Rupani government’s Jalsanchay Abhiyan, all the schemes were just used to route money to Kamalam (BJP state headquarters), said Dhanani. The challenged the government to a debate on this topic at whichever district or taluka the chief minister wishes to.

From 2006-07 to 2017-18, the state government has invested crores of rupees in constructing boribandh, farm-ponds and lakes through different departments and board. It has got MNREGA to allow the state, maximum possible funding for these projects. But the BJP has never made public, the amount it has received and spent on the projects. The BJP had claimed that it constructed 1,000 boribandh dams in the year 2009. So far the government has constructed 10, 29, 778 such dams at the cost of Rs 10,000 for each dam.

The government also constructed 10, 47,353 farm-ponds at the cost of more than Rs 2500 crores in total. It also spent about Rs 15 lakhs in desilting 1, 89,659 lakes across the state. Dhanani stated the BJP government has pocketed about Rs 100 crores in the name of these projects. The government even spent about Rs 4573.32 crores to clear wild shrubs and reclamation of land. All these projects reek of corruption and I challenge the chief minister to have a public debate with him on this topic.

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