Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: Gujarat BJP’s vice president and former MLA Jayanti Bhanushali had recently stepped down from his past in the party after allegations of rape were made against him by a Surat-based woman. The complainant and victim Manisha Goswami registered a police complaint against Bhanushali, but she is now untraceable.

Goswami had written to Surat Police asking for a case of rape be filed against Bhanushali, but when the police reached her address, they found someone else to be living there, who claimed that the house was given to him on rent by the woman’s family two months ago.

If reports are to be believed, Bhanushali is a victim of internal party-politics in the BJP. Bhanushali’s relationship with Goswami was an open secret in Kutch and she is believed to have worked with him during the elections too. As the relationship between them soured, she is claimed to have begun blackmailing Bhanushali’s nephew with an alleged video clip of him. The Ahmedabad Police had arrested her and charged her with extortion and even imprisoned her. It is during this time she got in touch with Chabil Patel, the former BJP MLA from Abadasa. Chabil had lost the elections from this seat, from which he was made to contest instead of Bhanushali, who used to earlier. Chabil believed that there was Bhanushali’s involvement in engineering his loss and thus held a grouse against him.

While the police are investigating into the allegations against Bhanushali, these are just claims making rounds and the truth will be revealed only after the victim comes out and clears the air about this.

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