Meranews Network, Ahmedabad: Knowledge from books is something that everyone who has ever been to school receives, but there’s always more to knowledge than the information that is gained through books. This school in Ahmedabad’s Ghatlodia understands it well and also imparts it to their students. As per a unique initiative by the school, the students get to interview celebrated people from the public domain, which will not only give the students better knowledge and understanding of the society but also a great boost of self-confidence.

Chanakya Primary School, run by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, started off this practice a year ago, where the students of class 8 are informed 10 days in advance about the visit of their guest who will be interviewed. The students are given some basic information about the guest, and the remaining information has to be researched by them to prepare a profile of the person. These guests are then interviewed by the students in a function held in the school.

Recently, the school hosted State Examination Board chairman Praful Jalu as their guest and was interviewed by students Preeti Khorwal and Priyanka Mena. Jalu was asked that before becoming the examination board chief, he was a teacher with Vijaynagar School, which job he likes better, the current one or the old one. Mighty impressed with the question, Jalu said that whatever work one gets, he/she has to make it likable.

Similarly, when Jalan Pandya, the MD of a Pune-based company considered to be one of the fastest growing, was asked by students Ashwin Dantani and Anjali Vishwakarma that what should one study to become an MD like him, he told them that there’s nothing fancy about it as he too was once a student of Chiloda Primary School in on Dholka district.

The students have so far interviewed 12 such successful people from the public domain. Principal Sanjay Rawal tells us that this practice has increased the students' interest in knowing about successful people in the society.

District development officer Arun Mahesh Babu said, “It is not easy to conduct interviews, but practice like this inculcates a habit of research amongst students and talking to successful people gives their self-confidence a big boost.

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