Gandhinagar: In the Surat-builder extortion case, it has come to light that Shailesh Bhatt had met CBI officer Sunil Nair thrice during February, and Bhatt was called to meet Nair at the third floor office of CBI building in Gandhinagar. Nair had reportedly slapped Bhatt and threatened to inform the Income Tax department and the Enforcement Directorate about Bhatt’s illegal dealings in Bitcoins and other verticals.

A Surat-based builder Shailesh Bhatt was conned of Rs5 crores by a CBI officer who had threatened him of raids at his and his partners’ business regarding illegal trading of Bitcoin. After the CBI official, Amreli Police targeted Bhatt and extorted Rs12 Crores worth of Bitcoin from and an additional Rs78 lakhs for the same reason. The matter is now being investigated by CID crime and even the Delhi headquartered CBI has began looking into this matter since one of their officials was involved in this.

Sunil Nair had showed Bhatt a room and said, “This is my remand room, I had remanded Amit Shah and Kishor Bhajiyawala in here. You too will go through a similar experience.” Nair and Bhatt had meetings on February 2nd, 5th and 9th and Kirit Paladiya, Bhatt’s partner was present during all these meetings. Nair demanded Rs5 crores to let go of Bhatt. Bhatt had taken the first instalment of Rs50 lakhs to the CBI office, which nair then instructed to be placed in his car. Bhatt claims that if Nair denies of this meeting, then the CCTV footage of the said date should be checked wherein he can be seen entering the CBI office.

Bhatt further claims that Sunil Nair, who has the habit of chewing tobacco, had asked for the remaining Rs4.5 crores to be sent to him via angadiya, for which Bhatt instructed two angadiya firms to do so. He had come to Gandhinagar to drop off the money, in a Bolero SUV, again something which is recorded. When Nair was contacted to come and collect the money, he said that he is at some condolence meet and the money be handed over to Paladiya, who knows where Nair lives. Thus the rest of the money was handed over to Paladiya who kept it in his Audi car.

On February 11, Bhatt, Paladiya and Nair met at Krishna Hotel in Gandhinagar, where Bhatt requested Nair to close the case now that he has got the money he had asked for. Nair agreed to do so and then he left. About two minutes after Nair left, Amreli Police arrived at the scene with inspector Anant Patel; he took them to Keshav Farm near Chiloda. Delhi CBI is now investigating the matter on how one of their officials was involved in this con.

According to sources, Sunil Nair is a habitual offender wherein he targets several businessmen from Surat and extorts money from them threatening them of Income Tax and ED raids on their businesses. For this instance, Kirit Paladiya was his source. Another person named Ankush Nakarni works as a middleman for Nair. Nakarni being a loan agent has many businessmen in his contacts and he is aware of their black and white dealings. He’d pass on information of businessmen with shady dealings would get money extorted from them.