Prashant Dayal, Gandhinagar: With only three days remaining for the current session of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly to end, the only minister or MLA who deserves to win the best member of the house is deputy chief minister Nitin Patel. The session had become volatile in the middle and with the Congress having more members in the house after a long period of time, their attacks on the government had only become harsher. Only one person gave it back to the opposition in his own imitable style, and that is Nitin Patel, who ensured that his party was saved from embarrassment every time the opposition cornered them in the house. It is to be noted that BJP national president Amit Shah was not too keen about having Nitin Patel in the political ranks of the government, but the Dy CM again proved his mettle and could be called the Man of the Sessions for the BJP.

Everytime the Congress attacked and questioned the party in power about the government's failure and lax in public projects, none of the BJP MLAs had the audacity to answer them because they came to the assembly without doing their homework. On the other hand, Nitin Patel ensured every question thrown at him during the discussions and debates on several topics were answered with facts to support him. The opposition Congress couldn't claim that their questions and objections raised went unheard or unattended as Patel always answered every question representing the government. Unlike most Patel MLAs who are known for passing snide remarks and comments in the house rather than speak in front of all, the Dy. CM did the otherwise.

When the Congress MLAs had accused the government of the public works in their constituency remaining pending, Nitin Patel responded back saying, "The citizens living their constituencies are their responsibility too and public works won't move by just throwing accusations at the government in power. Even though we meet only for a month during the sessions, you all are supposed to come to my office with your problems. I will ensure that the concerned authorities are questioned for the lax and the pending works are completed at a quick pace." Patel didn't make any difference between Congress or BJP but gave priority only for the welfare of the people. The opposition was left with no moves to attack the government with this stance opted by Patel.

Even after being provoked and criticized by his political rivals, Nitin Patel never lost his cool and spoke with a bitter tongue. He responded to every political barb with a better one without offending anyone. Congress' Shailesh Parmar had passed a snide remark on Patel's chief ministerial aspirations being dashed with being made the deputy, by saying that he is habituated to taking the bitter pill every time. To which Patel responded by saying that everyone has to take the bitter pill in life, whether it is Shailesh Parmar, Virji Thummar or Kuvarji Bavaliya, which was a veiled remark on them being miffed with Paresh Dhanani's elevation as the leader of the opposition from the Congress. This proves that Patel is someone the BJP can actually back on and has turned out to be the best player on the political field this season.