Ahmedabad: A community hall is supposed to be a public space that is open for the community's use upon the payment of a nominal fee for a specific period of time, to host social and private functions. But the community halls in Ahmedabad seem to be out of reach for the ones who it is actually meant for, i.e. the community. This was revealed when public interest litigation (PIL) was filed in the Gujarat high court that 65 corporators and 8 members of legislative assembly (MLA) have booked every community hall for themselves for the next two years. The HC has asked the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) to respond how is it possible that the community halls are out of reach for the people.

During the hearing, the applicant has claimed that by booking all the community halls in their names for the next two years, i.e. till 2019, the corporators and MLAs ensure that only those who are their kith and kin or having good relations with them, get to use this hall while the common man never gets to use the public property for which it pays the tax.

The High Court has instructed the AMC to provide the names of the MLAs and corporators who have booked halls in their names in advance, during the next hearing on this litigation.

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