Prashant Dayal, Ahmedabad: From 2002 to 2006, The Gujarat Police had conduct 7 encounters, in which it killed 14 people, including two women. The police claimed all these people were terrorists. Though 12 of the 14 killed people had criminal history behind them, the women whom the cops had killed were Ishrat Jahan and Kauser-bi, who had no criminal background and were completely innocent. No police encounter takes place without the state’s knowledge, so it is understood, that the Gujarat government were well aware of these fake encounters too.

Current Bharatiya Janata Party national president Amit Shah, who was the Home Minister of Gujarat, too was well informed about every encounter the cops had conducted. In 2006, the Supreme Court ordered the Gujarat CID to look into one such encounter, the killing of Sohrabuddin Shaikh. As a result, Gujarat Police’s DG Vanzara and his team of cops who had conducted these fake encounters were arrested.

In 2010, The Supreme Court again transferred the case to CBI. It is being said that on paper it was a CBI investigation, but was being handled by IPS officer Kuldeep Sharma from behind the scenes. Sharma, having close relations with the Congress and a grouse against Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, first prepared a list of people who must be made accused in this case instead of collecting evidence pertaining to the case.

It is true that several people were directly or indirectly involved in this encounter, which included Amit Shah, Rajasthan’s then home minister Gulabchand Kataria and Abhay Chudasama. But there was no concrete evidence to nail them. So instead of looking for proofs, the CBI fabricated fake proofs and evidence in a hurry to arrest the men they had on their “list”

Over and above, they even planted stings on Yashpalsinh Chudasma and Ajay Patel, who were friends and accomplices of the accused but had no connections to the encounters. Because of the personal politics being played in this case, the CBI faced flak for its folly of creating fake evidence, even though had almost nailed all the actual accused men.

Now that the bigwigs have escaped the grip of law claiming wrong evidence by the investigating agencies, about 98 percent of the witnesses too are turning hostile, claiming that their statements were not recorded by their consent and were forced to it. Such a scenario is not good for the CBI as the citizens lose faith in its credibility.