Ahmedabad: Calling the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a second home for thousands of Indians, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday described the Hindu temple to be built in Abu Dhabi as a “unique symbol of religious tolerance and the Indian principle of vasudhaiv kutumbkam”—one world, one family.

“I want to express my deep gratitude on behalf of all Indians to His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed for granting permission to build a temple here,” Modi said at the stone-laying ceremony in the UAE’s capital. “The onus on all of us Indians is that we must uphold the principles of tolerance and peace. A mini India resides in the UAE.”

“I thank the Gulf countries which have provided almost 30 lakh people from India a home-like environment away from home. I want to thank his highness the crown prince on behalf of 125 crore Indians for the grand temple which will be constructed,” the Prime Minister said.

The Abu Dhabi government had approved the plan for the temple during Modi’s first visit to the West Asian country in 2015 and has allotted around 14 acres for it.

Modi will attend the World Government Summit in Dubai, where he will be the guest of honour, later in the day.