Ahmedabad: Gujarat needs 169 policemen/women per lakh citizens, but it has only 120 police personnel per lakh citizens, which leaves the state police administration with a deficit of 49 personnel/lakh citizens. While national average stands at 151 police personnel/lakh citizens in front of its need of 193 personnel, which is lower than that of Gujarat state. This means, for about 6 crore citizens of Gujarat, the police administration is running short of 29,400 police personnel to protect them and maintain law and order in the state.

Nagaland tops the chart at national level, with 65 more police personnel per lakh citizens, i.e.965 personnel per lakh citizens instead of its set need of 901 personnel. Kerala has 174 personnel per lakh citizens in its police administration in front of the need for 178, which leaves it with a small gap of 4 personnel. The figures for other states are as follows:

    State         Sanctioned strength     Current Strength    Shortfall

    Delhi                   390                               383                 07

   Maharshtra          199                               187                 12

   Rajasthan            142                               122                 20

 Madhya Pradesh   147                               125                 22

    Bihar                   108                                 75                 33

These figures are of number of police personnel per lakh citizens by the end of the year 2017.

Gujarat ranks 21 in the list of police-citizens per lakh ratio in India. As a result, the cases of crimes are on a rise in major cities. The reason behind the shortfalls in strength is due to the long process in hiring police personnel. The other reasons that widens the gap are retirements, resignations and deaths of police personnel.