Ahmedabad: Continuing its superb podium run at the 79th National and Inter-State Table Tennis Championships, Gujarat men won bronze in the men’s event of the senior event in Ranchi on Saturday, after winning five medals, including two silvers, at the junior and youth championships at Durgapur earlier this week.

The men’s team of Devesh Karia, Jignesh Jayswal, Manush Shah, Ishaan Hingorani and Jalay Mehta lost to Petroleum Sports Promotion Board (PSPB) in the semifinals 0-3, repeating its performance from year ago.

Kutch-based paddler Hingorani played with maturity and made India’s finest TT player A. Sharath Kamal work hard to earn points. Hingorani won the first game 11-9 and had a six-point lead in the third game, but the teenager went down to Kamal 11-9, 9-11, 10-12, 9-11.

In the quarterfinals, Gujarat drubbed Railways Sports Promotion Board 3-2. Shah defeated Anirban Nandi 12-10, 9-11, 11-6, 13-11, while Devesh outplayed E. Prabhakaran 11-4, 11-8, 11-7 and took Gujarat to 2-0. Shah, who is supported by the Sports Authority of Gujarat (SAG), held his nerve to win 11-5, 11-9, 13-11 against Prabhakaran to put Gujarat in the semis, assuring the state of a medal.

In the group stage, Gujarat were placed with North Bengal, Odisha and Meghalaya and blanked their opponents with ease.

“The 79th national and inter-state championships have been fruitful for Gujarat. After junior and youth boys, now the men’s team has won a bronze. Gujarat table tennis is doing better with each passing year. I am happy that our developmental approach is giving fruitful results,” said Vipul Mittra, president of the Gujarat State Table Tennis Association (GSTTA).


Semifinals (lost to PSPB 0-3): Devesh Karia lost to G Sathiyan 11-5, 8-11, 4-11, 5-11; Manush Shah lost to A. Amalraj 8-11, 4-11, 7-11; Ishaan Hingorani lost to A. Sharath Kamal 11-9, 9-11, 10-12, 9-11

Quarterfinals (beat RSPB 3-2): Manush Shah beat Anirban Nandi 12-10, 9-11, 11-6, 13-11; Devesh Karia beat E. Prabhakaran 11-4, 11-8, 11-7; Jignesh Jayswal lost to Souvik Kar 11-8, 11-9, 9-11, 7-11, 10-12; Devesh Karia lost to Anirban Nandi 4-11, 11-7, 5-11, 9-11; Manush Shah beat E. Prabhakaran 11-5, 11-9, 13-11

Pre-quarterfinals (beat Uttarakhand 3-0): Manush Shah beat Harshit Jayswal 11-8, 11-4, 13-11; Devesh Karia beat Akash Gupta 11-4, 11-4, 11-6; Jalay Mehta beat Rakesh Kumar 8-11, 11-9, 11-6, 11-7