Meranews, Gir-Somnath: The ruling BJP government in Gujarat had to face a major embarrassment as on the inaugural ceremony of the month long beach festival proved to be a fiasco. The inaugural programme saw the BJP minister addressing empty chairs as there were few spectators to attend and even they seemed to be leaving the venue, jolting the BJP which has been known for drawing huge crowds in their functions. There is a huge anti incumbency felt across the state and the ruling BJP government is facing a hard time coping with that. The saffron party is trying their hardest to turn the tide which seems going against them.


The Gujarat tourism department has arranged a month long Beach Festival starting from the October 1. The government has scheduled sports activities like beach volleyball, rope climbing, zorbing, tyre climbing, tug of war, beam balancing, commando net, burma bridge, camel and horse riding along with other activities like competitions music, dance, drawing and sand art among other activities.  

The BJP government makes a huge fanfare in all of the government programmes giving them enough hype to garner public attraction. The Saffron party is also known for gathering massive crowds at their function to symbolize huge public support. But the anti incumbency tide that seems to be sweeping the state is now going against them.

In the Sunday’s beach festival inaugural programme the BJP leaders, as always expected a huge crowd at the inaugural programme but got a big jolt when they saw empty chairs as very few had arrived at the venue.

After waiting for a long time the programme was commenced and the beach festival was declared open.  

Minister of State for Tourism, Jashabhai Barad had to continue his speech in front of empty seats with very few occupied as can be seen from the video.

Feeling embarrassed and before it could bring further embarrassment, the ministers and the government ended the programme and left the scene hastily.