Gandhinagar: The Gujarat government has announced that it will provide monetary help of up to Rs 50000 for the treatment of road accident victims upon being rushed to government or private hospital within 48 hours. The government will be transfer the money directly to the hospitals and will ensure that proper treatment is provided to the victims and fatalities do not occur due to failure in providing treatment on time. Rs 30 crores have been earmarked in the year 2018-19 for this purpose by the state government.

Deputy chief minister of Gujarat Nitin Patel made this announcement and speaking to the journalists, he said, “Every year, an average 6483 deaths happen in 29,309 road accidents. If proper treatment is provided to the victims of such accidents on time, many lives could be saved and thus the state health ministry has decided to provide monetary help to victims of road accidents happening anywhere in the state. The government will foot the bill of treatment up to Rs 50,000, provided to these victims rushed to any government or private hospital within 48 hours of the accident and the payment will be made directly to the hospital. The treatments will include dressing, fracture stabilization, x-ray, operations, CT scan, MRI, ultrasound, blood transfusion, head injuries, ICU admission, etc and the costs of these payments of up to Rs.50,000 will be paid by the government.

The hospitals are supposed to give priority to providing the emergency treatment to the victims first and not charge any money from the kin or the victims for the treatment in the first 48 hours. The hospitals are supposed to send the bills of the treatment to district health department/authority and get reimbursed for the amount of the bill or up to Rs 50,000 whichever is lesser.