MeraNews Network, Radhanpur: Prominent OBC leader and Congress MLA from Radhanpur Alpesh Thakor on Thursday organized a dharna in his constituency, demanding that the state government declare Radhanpur, Santalpur, and Sami as drought-hit regions. Addressing a gathering of locals, mostly farmers, Thakor said that despite the crops of being destroyed, lack of fodder for cattle, and lakes and ponds getting dried up the government has turned a blind eye from the sufferings of the people.

He dared the government to try organizing any shows or rallies in Radhanpur as they will protest against it. The Congress party had submitted an application to the Mamlatdar of the region to declare Radhanpur, Santalpur, and Sami as drought-hit regions. The places have been long suffering from drinking water shortage, especially in summers.

The same region had suffered from floods, and despite that, the shortage of drinking water remained as it is. Thakor said that if the government fails to answer the troubles of the people of this region, we will march to Gandhinagar with our children and cattle.

“If people are suffering so much for the want of potable drinking water, imagine the situation of the cattle of the farmers here, said Thakor, adding further that despite the claims of the government that they have made Narmada’s water reach every village in the state, we at Radhanpur are yet to see it. He wants the government to waive off the loan of the farmers whose crops have been destroyed due to scant rains.