Ahmedabad: Savarkundla-resident Dinesh Mesuria had lost all hopes of his son Parth's recovery from a neurological disorder he was suffering from after all attempts at treatment had gone unsuccessful. Unable to see his son suffer, Mesuria sent a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking permission to allow passive euthanasia for his son. But help came from unexpected quarters when Modi's brother Soma Modi came forward to help Mesuria and his son. Soma asked Dr Hemant Broker to provide Mesuria's son with a Hem Hans frequency machine.

Suffering from subacute sclerosing panencephalitis, 11-year old Parth would frequently go through seizures and would lose control over his body. He has been bedridden for more than a year now. When Soma Modi read the news about Parth, he talked to Dr Broker, who has been treating Soma for his knee problem since last two years, about the child. Dr. Broker sent a Hem Hans Machine to Mesuria for the treatment of Parth. Everyday for about half an hour, this machine is strapped to Parth's wrist and now there has been noteworthy decrease in the number of seizures Parth has to go through. "I have seen my son smile after a really long time, exclaimed Mesuria who has now changed his mind on seeking passive euthanasia.

Dr.Broker says, I am a businessman and a broker by profession, but I have been treating people for no cost. I developed this radio-frequency healing machine about fifteen years ago after conducting research with scientists abroad. I made some changes in it three years ago and now it has been healing people fom their disorders upon using this machine.