Rajkot: In an incident that caused huge wastage of water that is being supplied to Gondal in Rajkot district, a truck rammed into an air valve of a pipeline that runs through Moviya village, causing water to flow precariously into the fields nearby.

Since the onset of summer, the demand of water has risen in Saurashtra and Kutch regions of Gujarat. On one side, there’s lack of water while on the other side there have been incidents of water wastage coming up everyday. On Wednesday, a truck driver had lost control of his vehicle and rammed into an air-valve of the Narmada water supply pipeline, damaging it badly which led to water wastage in lakhs of litres. Upon recieving information of the incident, the Narmada pipeline's lineman with his helpers rushed to spot after shutting down the second air valve and section of the pipeline, but it was too late as large amounts of water had already gushed out into the farms nearby. The state government had laid pipelines through Chavand village to fulfill the water needs of Gondal.

An estimated five lakh litres of water has been wasted in the incident and the driver has been booked for reckless driving causing damage to government property. He has been asked to pay for the damages to the pipe which is being repaired on war-footing and for the amount of water that got wasted after the damage to the valve. Previously on Tuesday, in a similar incident huge amounts of Narmada water went waste after it gushed out of a damaged pipeline in Bachau, Kutch.