MeraNews Network, Gandhinagar: Several illegal structures and encroachments dotting across the state capital Gandhinagar, thanks to the political influence on many of them, have now begun facing the law as the district administration and the government were woken up from its deep slumber by the Gujarat High Court. The HC ordered the towing away or demolition of several of the illegal encroachments and parked vehicles that have so long become an eye-sore. About 90 commercial complexes were slapped with notices for illegal parking on its premises. The Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation has put in a proposal to hire three towing vans for 10 days and purchase of cattle catching van and a tree-transplantation van too.

For the past one week, many of the street hawkers and illegal pop up shops across different sectors of Gandhinagar were missing the cops came down heavily on them and were towed or driven away. The cops are now catching those who illegally park their vehicles outside buildings and other public places and their vehicles are being towed away and fined too. Ever since the city was founded, there was no proper law to act upon the illegal encroachments and other traffic woes that have been plaguing the city for long. Even if the police administration wanted to act against them, political pressure and influence of the encroachers would discourage them to do so.

In the recently held meeting of the standing committee of the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation, a proposal was put in to hire three towing vehicles for the corporation at the cost of Rs 11,400 per day, which will have a driver of the vehicle and three helpers to tow the vehicles. It was also proposed that two new towing vans be purchased and an animal catching van be bought too to tackle the cattle menace on the streets. It has asked the commercial complexes in the state capital to make arrangements for the parking of visitors. The administration will also take steps against those officials who have been letting such illegal encroachments flourish by taking bribes.

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