Surat: Effluents released by industrial units in and around Kim village in Surat district of Gujarat have ended up polluting the Kim River, whose water has now turned red with the chemicals mixed in it.

Previously, the Tapi River in Surat and Mindhola River of Navsari were also polluted similarly, despite there being a zero-discharge policy in place by Gujarat Pollution Control Board. Every day, dying mills that are operational in the GIDCs around the area discharge lakhs of liters of liquid pollutants into Kim River with no fear of the punitive actions they might face.

There are about 1800 to 2000 industrial units operational at Navapura, Mota Borasara, and Kudsad under the GIDC, which was started in 1988. Out of this, 45 of them are dying mills that use harmful chemicals in their process which they then discharge into nearby canals that are connected to the river and it pollutes the water, rendering it harmful for crops if used in irrigation.