Ahmedabad: On the streets of Karelibaug in Vadodara many parents got dressed as jokers and marched opposing the fee structure of the private schools despite there being the Gujarat Self Financed (Regulation of Fees) Act, 2017 in force.

All over the state, various parents have raised accusations of hefty fees being charged by the private school administrators. They claim that the administrators are charging whopping fees for the education and extra curricular activities which is not quite apparent. The state government, considering the intensity of the situation, had passed the Gujarat Self Financed School (Regulation of fees) Act, 2017 and had urged the schools to start taking actions based on it. The private schools have not executed the rules yet. Fed up of the irresponsible administrators, many parents felt that they were being made a fool of and to mock the system, they flooded the streets dressed as jokers in protest.

The Gujarat Self Financed School (Regulation of Fees) Act, 2017 came into force in April 2017. The bill was introduced by the BJP government with an aim to control the exorbitant fees charged by private schools ‘in the absence of a clear law’ regarding it. The fee structure prescribed in the Act for primary, secondary and higher secondary school is Rs 15,000, Rs 25,000 and Rs 27,000 per year, respectively.  As per the rules of the Bill, all private schools, which wants to charge fees more than what has been prescribed, need to submit their proposal with the fee regulatory committee before imposing any hike.

The parents of the children studying in private schools have also raised  allegations against the government raising the question why the implementation of this act isn’t as strict as the GST bill. The parent bodies have also notified that in case of delay of implementation of the act, fierce protests will be conducted.