Ahmedabad: The Gujarat Police’s CID (Crime) which is investigating the infamous Bitcoin case, have stumbled upon a surprising revelation that religious leaders of a certain sect to had made monetary investments into cryptocurrency through Surat-based realtor Shailesh Bhatt, who is currently charged with fraud and loot and is on the run.

Bhatt, a Brahmin by caste is believed to be in close relations with saints from the Swaminarayan sect and there are clues which lead to the possibility of monetary investments made by the saints into Bitcoins through Bhatt.

Bhatt has had warm relations with religious leaders from different sects and has showered them with rich gifts which include luxury cars like Mercedes and SUVs like Fortuners and Innovas. Even the absconding former BJP MLA Nalin Kotadia was gifted an SUV registered under the name of Kirit Paladiya. So far all the vehicles purchased by Bhatt were registered under the names of Paladiya, Kirit Vala, and Nikunj Bhatt.

From the cryptocurrencies that were looted from Dhaval Mavani, Bhatt had received 700 bitcoins as his share. The investigators are looking into the digital currency trail to track how many bitcoins were monetized so far and how many are remaining with him. Mavani was also forced to shell out 14.50 crore rupees, which were transferred through an angadia firm. The CID is keeping an eye on the angadia firm too as only a part of the total amount has been received by the accused so far and there remains some remaining amount to be collected from the firm. The investigators are waiting to see who turns up to collect this amount.