Bhavnagar: The Bharatiya Janata Party had on April 12, held a fast in protest of the Opposition forcing a washed out the second leg of the Budget session in the Parliament this year. Several ministers and MLAs had organized fasts in their constituencies while the national leaders fasted in Delhi. In one such fasting venue in Bhavnagar, reports have come out that the BJP had stolen electricity from a complex nearby the venue to run their air-coolers, speakers and microphones, instead of taking a temporary connection for the same.

During the fast organized near Rupam Chowk, the BJP workers were seen getting a direct and illegal connection of electricity from a complex nearby, which was used to run the fans, lights, air-coolers, and speakers at the venue. When local journalists questioned BJP leader Sanat Joshi about it, he was tongue-tied.

Earlier this week, two of the nation’s biggest political parties Congress and BJP had indulged in a war of fasting. And both the parties were caught being hypocrites as the participating members from the factions were caught having food in the middle of the so-called fast they organized protesting each other over different issues, in a gap of few days. The Congress was left red-faced when their leaders in Delhi were seen gorging into chhole bhature in the morning of April 9, before the fast had begun. While in Gujarat, local television channels showed pictures food packets and bottles of juices lying empty behind the stage where the BJP leaders were holding their fasts yesterday.