Ahmedabad: Despite the strict prohibition of alcohol in Gujarat, there have been sales of alcohol been done illegally. The bootleggers have become fearless too. A video of a female bootlegger boldly stating that they won’t refrain from selling alcohol, to DIG Ashok Yadav had sent social media on a viral frenzy. Later on, raids were conducted by the police in Chaaranagar and Sardarnagar. Gujarat DGP Shivanand Jha has ordered a raid in Chaaranagar within two days, to tighten their grip on the bootleggers.

On 8th March, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, Ashok Yadav was explaining the female bootleggers to stop the illegal sales of alcohol when a lady from the crowd, expressing resentment, shouted that they have sold alcohol and will continue doing it. They claimed that their children are unemployed and they’ve got no way out to earn a livelihood. After the entire video had hit the social media charts, raids were conducted for the strict execution of the Alcohol Prohibition Law. After becoming the permanent DGP, Shivanand Jha ordered the police officials to be present during the raids. He also wrote a letter to the Ahmedabad Poilce Commissioner, AK Singh telling him to conduct frequent raids in Kubernagar, Charanagar and asking the Additional Commissioner of Sector 2 to keep the supervision active.