MeraNews Network, Gandhinagar: Ever since the Gujarat High Court overturned the decision to block the promotions of police sub-inspectors, the state home department has one less excuse to avoid promoting the PSIs. The state police force currently has empty vacancies for more than a hundred Deputy Superintendent of Police and more than three hundred PSIs, but the home department kept shifting the promotion files from one desk to another. Due to this lack of manpower in the police force, a policeman with Gujarat Police spends more than 15 hours per day at work.

According to the home ministry, the Gujarat Police previously had the post of circle police inspectors, which were usually filled by senior police inspectors. But now those 45 posts have been done with and instead DySPs will take up that responsibility. But there are 100 previously empty posts of the DySP, which needs to be filled in by promoting the inspectors, and then the inspector’s position to be filled in by promoting the sub-inspectors. There are many places across the state where the duties of the inspector are discharged by the sub-inspectors of the place.

Sources inform that for a cop to get promoted, especially to the post of DySP, he/she needs to get a clearance certificate. But many officers who are up for promotion but cannot get it because of the numerous departmental investigations on them. So these officers, who are close to the officials in the home ministry and to the home minister have ensured that their juniors don’t get ahead of them with promotion and thus have influenced the decision of the government to block the promotions of sub-inspectors.