Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-80): DIG Sinha reached the Sabarmati Jail in the afternoon. He went straight to the barracks which housed the blast accused and then went on to inspect the site behind the barrack where the tunnel was dug. As it was still raining, the area was quite muddy and turned slushy. He came back to the barrack and asked Vasava to get him a chair and have everyone else including him move out of the barrack and to shut the door behind them. Vasava didn’t like it, he was clueless about what was the DIG up to now. But because it was an order, he asked all the officials and policemen from Ranip Police present with him in the barrack to move out. A few constables stood outside the barrack, in case the DIG needed something. They were bored as the hours passed by and would try to peep in to see what was happening inside. They saw that the DIG was speaking to Mohammed, asking him details about the plan to dig the escape tunnel. They were surprised by the fact that out of all the officials, Mohammed chose to speak to only DIG Sinha.

The questioning was taking too long, the sun had set and it was late evening now. The barrack had only a bulb burning inside. Sinha had only had water the whole day and nothing to eat, though he would smoke once every half an hour. But Mohammed and his inmates neither asked for water or stood up to go to the toilet. Mohammed narrated every single detail about the plan and action abut the escape tunnel. Sinha would listen to him with great concentration. It was eight o’ clock in the evening. As Mohammed would speak, the other inmates would sit with their heads down, and occasionally raise the head to look at Sinha.  After hearing the whole tale, Sinha came to the actual question he was looking forward to asking, “Mohammed, Whatever you have done, planning to escape, digging a tunnel for it, will attract a new case. Well, that is the job of the local police and I won’t interfere with it. But What I wish to know is, you had so much time even after digging the tunnel, why didn't you all escape?”

Upon hearing Sinha’s question, Mohammed looked at his fellow inmates and then towards Yunus. Mohammed then took a deep breath and said, “Sir had you not done wrong with us, I would have never even thought of escaping. “ Sinha looked puzzled. Mohammed continued, “We did the blasts, and we have no remorse for it. You arrested our physical being, not our thoughts. You might hang us. But there are going to be many more MOhammmeds and Yunus’, how many would you hang?” Sinha noticed that Mohammed spoke with the same confidence that he had 9 years ago. Mohammed’s mouth was getting dried up with the continuous talking, but he went on, “Sir you can hang us even today, we won’t mind. But Yusuf and Parvez, they are innocent. Had you asked us at least once; we might have told you this. But you are an IPS officer, nobody would question your action, even if you are wrong” This pricked Sinha. He wanted to get up, go to Parvez and Yusuf and ask them for forgiveness, but he didn’t have the guts for it today.

Mohammed paused for a while, and then continued to speak, “Sir, every time I would looke these two, my heart would weep for them as they are being punished and imprisoned for something they never did. They spent eight years with us here in the prison desoite being innocent. I wanted to secure bail for them. I am a lawyer, I know you didn’t have even a shred of evidence against them, but even the courts listen to you and not us. Even the supreme court of this country didn’t want to hear us. HAd Parvez and yusuf got bail, I woul have never made this escape plan. We had come to die, not to run away. After we couldn’t win against your law, I decided that we will escape, taking Parvez and Yusuf along with us. It was my plan to escape the prison and Yunus was not ready at first. BUt I told Yunus the reason for our escape, and then he too joined hands with me. We put in all our efforts in digging the tunnel for three months. We were supposed to escape before the monsoon” Mohammed paused for a bit, But Sinha was impatient, he wanted to know more. There was an eerie calm inside the barrack. Sinha looked outside the barrack trying to guage what time it might be. It was very dark outside. He then looked at Mohammed and asked, “Why didn’t you escape?” Mohammed said, “We had already reached outside the outer wall and had to dig only 3 more feet. We decided to escape on a Sunday. The closure would be lifted in the morning and then the next closure would happen only at 4 PM, no one would have known when we escaped by the time the closure would announced. But exactly 12 hours before our escape, on Saturday night, Yusuf and Parvez spoke to us and that change our minds. Sinha was wondering at the amount of suspense that was unfolding in front of him.