Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-79): Harish Sinha was no longer an SP, he got promoted and was now a DIG, posted at the Gujarat Intelligence Bureau. Though many things changed with the passage of time, one thing which remained as it is was Sinha’s habit of smoking. He simply won’t need a reason to go for a smoke. His daughter too had grown up now, who’d taunt her father everytime she caught him smoking. He liked it that his daughter hated his habit of smoking, but it was hard to let go. He now wore reading glasses and his hair had just begun to turn white. During his days as the SP of the district and at crime branch, he was always overworked, but ever since his promotion as the DIG, his life now functioned in a 10 to 6 job. That day too he was holding a cigarette in his right hand and he was reading a file on his desk while wearing his glasses. He’d run through all the inputs that would come in from across the state.

There were not many inputs that day, only something along the lines of protests and dharnas against the government and the law and order situations at different locations. Still, he’d ensure that each and every input is run through him and he’d note it in a file. As he was reading the files, his mobile phone rang. As the phone was placed on the table right in front of him, he looked at its screen and the name Vasava blinked on it as it rang. Though he couldn’t recall the name, he decided to pick up the call anyway. He placed the cigarette in his ashtray and picked up the call, “Jay Hind sir! Sabarmati Jail Superintendent Vasava here” said the voice on the other side. “Jay Hind” replied Sinha. “Sir, we have a problem here” “What is it?” asked Sinha surprised when he heard ‘problem’ Vasava went on to narrate the happenings in the prison. Sinha stood up from his chair upon hearing what Vasava said. Sinha put off the cigarette and rang the bell on his desk. A police constable came in, whom he instructed to get his vehicle ready. Still, on the call, he told Vasava, “I am coming right away to Sabarmati Jail. I am leaving right now” Sinha’s office was in Police Bhavan at Gandhinagar and he had to travel all the way to Ahmedabad to Sabarmati Jail.

He walked out of his office and went straight to the lift and pressed the calling button on the wall, the lift was still on the ground floor while he was on the fifth. After a few seconds of thinking, he began to get down the stairs. The commando who is supposed to accompany his was surprised to see Sinha take stairs and rush out in a hurry, he had no clue what was the matter. Sinha’s vehicle was ready right outside the building’s porch. Before the commando could go and open the door for Sinha, he rushed and opened the door himself and took his seat. He instructed the driver to take him to Sabarmati Jail. The commando came and sat next to the driver and the car began to speed towards Ahmedabad on the highway. Sinha began to recall the incidents that had happened 9 years ago when he was posted in the crime branch and the Ahmedabad Serial Blasts took place. He was the one who detected the case and was present at several of the hearings that took place at the special court set up inside the jail premises regarding this case. He met Mohammed and Co. several times during these hearings but never had he fathomed that these men would dig a tunnel to escape from the prison. He couldn’t understand how did the blast accused dig a tunnel this long and how come none of the jail authorities got a whiff of it. Meanwhile, his car had just crossed the Indroda circle and was speeding on the highway. Though the driver had no clue about the matter, he could make out that his boss, Sinha, was in some sort of a hurry so he was driving the vehicle at the speed of 110 kilometers per hour. But the thoughts inside Sinha's mind were running faster than his vehicle. He was wondering how on a normal day he’d be in Ahmedabad within a short span of time, but today it was unusually long.

Sinha’s car took a left turn from Visat petrol pump near Koba on the highway and began to speed towards Sabarmati in Ahmedabad. From the time one enters Ahmedabad, the very first thing he/she has to encounter is the traffic snarls in the city. As the car began to slow down, Sinha looked out the window and was angry seeing the traffic. He instructed the driver to start the siren atop his vehicle. The driver was surprised as never before had Sinha used the police siren on his vehicle, no matter how much worse the traffic gets. The moment Sinha’s vehicle’s police siren went off; the cars in front of him began to move towards the left side of the road. Sinha continued looking out of the window; he had informed a couple of other senior police officials of the discovery of a tunnel in the prison. The vehicle had now got off the Chimanbhai Bridge and took a left turn from the Subhash Bridge circle. There was a special gate reserved for the entry of police officials at the prison. As the siren on Sinha’s vehicle was still on, the guard outside the gate got alert and as soon as Sinha’s car passed by, he saluted to him. Within a minute, Sinha’s car was right outside the main entrance of the Sabarmati Central Jail.

Jailer Pandya was already waiting to receive Sinha at the gate as his arrival was informed to the jail authorities. The guard opened the gate as Pandya saluted Sinha, who looked at Pandya’s nameplate to address him by his name during the conversation. “Pandya, when did you come to know of the tunnel?” asked Sinha as he paced ahead of Pandya, who was literally running behind him. Pandya led Sinha straight to the barrack where the blast accused were house and the place where the tunnel was discovered. The officials who were already present in the barrack saluted Sinha. He saw that Mohammed and the other accused were sitting on the ground wearing handcuffs. Sinha was seething in anger and he looked at Vasava, who the showed him the place where the tunnel was dug. Sinha then looked at Mohammed, who looked down. Nine years ago when Sinha met Mohammed for the first time, he would always look straight into Sinha’s eyes. “Sir, this guy said he’d speak only to you and no one else, thus I had to call you,” said Vasava as he pointed towards Mohammed.