Prashant Dayal (Deewal Part-74):  Next morning, when Abu and Riyaz picked up their digging tools to begin work for the day, Mohammed stopped them, “We’re not working today,” then looking towards the barrack gate, he further said, “I think there’ll checking today also, but from authorities from outside.” Abu and Riyaz stood there, kind of confused. “Once Mohammed has said that we won’t work today, just follow his instructions,” said Yunus who was standing there on the side. Both men kept their tools away and walked towards the gate, to chat with the warden sitting outside. Normally the inmates would feel relieved every time Mohammed would instruct them to skip for the day, but now they were growing impatient too to get out of the prison to freedom. Yunus and Mohammed were now alone, and Yunus asked him why he felt that there is the probability of a check being conducted by authorities apart from the jail. Mohammed thought for a while and clarified Yunus’s doubt, “Every time someone authoritative apart from the prison authorities are supposed to come for a checking, the jail officials themselves conduct a check to ensure that no contraband is seized from the inmates during the checks by higher officials. Maybe that is why jailer Pandya had dropped by the last evening, to ensure that everything is fine.” Yunus was in awe of the thinking line of his fellow inmate, wondering how even Mohammed’s brain has begun to operate like that of a criminal.

There were several reasons why Mohammed’s doubts might come true, one of them being the theft of jail hospital’s doctor’s mobile phone. Even though there were mobile jammers installed in the prison complex, the geography of the jail is such that the jammers were ineffective at certain places, and there have been instances where inmates were caught with mobile phones smuggled inside their cells. But a jail official’s mobile phone being stolen a first of its kind. The reason why the authorities had a point to doubt the blast case inmates was that their behavior had changed since some time, they’d stopped having arguments with fellow inmates and jail authorities. They had even stopped complaining to the court about the officials in the prison.Mohammed knew that the jail authorities always looked at them with suspicion and the intelligence agencies would regularly keep a tab on their movements through the prison authorities. As Mohammed was thinking all this, Yunus came from the back and shook Mohammed out of his deep thoughts. He saw Abu and Riyaz, who were busy chatting with the warden outside their barrack gate, immediately come inside. This meant that they had spotted some higher authoritative official coming towards them. Mohammed immediately stood up, his doubts came true, the IGP of Gujarat prison was coming towards Mohammed's barrack. He was flanked by jailer Kaushik Pandya and superintendent Vasava. Pandya's attitude was a little different that day, "Come here Mohammed, get your fellow inmates too" said Pandya in a stern voice. Yunus went in to call others while Abu and Riyaz came and stood by Mohammed, who greeted them with folded hands. Vasava whispered into the IGP's ear, "This is that bastard Mohammed, who had complained against us in the court. He also a lawyer and so manipulates the law against us too." The IGP was looking at the faces of all the inmates who had come and stood in a line. “How many inmates do we have in here?” the IGP asked Vasa, “Eight men sir,” said Vasava.

The IGP looked at Pandya and ordered him to check the barracks, who immediately went into the barracks with four of the guards. The IGP was running his eyes all across the barracks, his eyes then fell at the garden maintained inside the barrack, “You have grown this garden?” he asked Vasava, who then informed the IGP that it was the inmates who grew these plants and maintained this garden. The IGP was happy seeing such a beautiful garden, he looked at Mohammed and asked: “You made this?” Mohammed looked confused. Vasava told him that the IGP is asking him about the garden. And Mohamed said yes they are the ones who built this garden. Meanwhile, the jailer came out of the cells and shook his head in denial, which meant that they didn’t find anything contraband inside. The IGP then looked at Mohammed and Co. he spoke in a stern voice, “I don’t want any foul play inside the jail. Our job is to keep you here as per the court orders.” Mohammed shook his head in agreement. The IGP then asked him if they have any complaints. Mohammed looked at Vasava and Pandya, both looked scared. But Mohammed declined that they do not have complaints. The IGP then left to check other barracks with his guards. As the last guard left, Yunus immediately turned towards Mohammed, “Are you a fortune teller!?” Mohammed laughed out loud. “Imagine, if we had continued working today, what would have happened?” We might stop the regular guards from checking by some of the other tricks, but this was the IGP of Prisons. As Mohammed imagined the consequences, a chill passed through his spine.